Warning CEON MANUAL CARD: “Store Sensitive Card Details Temporarily in Session” and “Use Blowfish Encryption” is enabled but this server's PHP installation does NOT have access to PEAR:Crypt_Blowfish on this server!

Either consult the documentation (especially the FAQs) to see how to get Blowfish encryption working on this server, change “Store Sensitive Card Details Temporarily in Session” to “No”, or disable Blowfish encryption.

It is not recommended to disable Blowfish encryption if there's a chance someone can see the contents of the “sessions” folder on this server (which may be possible if this is a shared server) - this is left up to the store owner's own descretion.

The current values for the various settings on this server follow. These are, without a doubt, the values currently set for these settings, available to PHP on the store's side, no matter what the admin, the server's control panel, the Server/Version Info or phpinfo() etc. may say!

Info to help enable Blowfish support...

It would appear that the PEAR:Crypt_Blowfish package is not on this server's PHP installation's include path. Please check that Crypt_Blowfish is installed in this server's PEAR library.

Alternatively, this server may have more than one PEAR installation and the PEAR:Crypt_Blowfish package may not have been installed in the “correct” PEAR library folder - please check that the correct PEAR library is being used if there is more than one on this server.

Include Paths: .:/usr/share/php

Safe mode in use?: no

open_basedir restricted directories: No restrictions
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Pureness Kasu Skincare Soap with EV - 3.5oz


This gentle, nourishing cleanser is unscented with only the natural fragrance of rice. Enriched with kasu and essence of vinegar for a deep moisturizing cleanse, this bar will restore moisture levels, inhibit and fade dark pigment spots, help with texture and elasticity and overall heal and improve your skin's health. For normal to oily skin.

Skincare Soap with EV Essence of vinegar (EV) is a fermented rice compound derived from the process of brown rice vinegar production. This unique product contains concentrated organic acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. EV further supports kasu's ability to rstore moisture, promote clarity, improve texture, fight signs of aging and fade dark pigment spots. EV also offers a deep cleanse, great for normal to oily skin.

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 15 March, 2012.